DevOps Consultancy Services

DevOps Consulting Services and Solutions

Kloudc has a Center of Excellence for Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Continuous Delivery. DevOps Consulting Services Offering Includes Infrastructure Automation, Continuous Delivery pipelines for Cloud-Native and Microservices Applications on Kubernetes, and Knative.

DevOps Solutions and Services for application modernization and Cloud-native Enterprise applications for continuous Delivery, Automated Deployment, analytics, and Intelligence for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments on Vmware, Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS includes

  • Infrastructure Automation Services
  • Continuous Delivery for Big Data and Machine learning
  • Build and Release Pipeline for Multi-Cloud
  • Continuous Delivery for Cloud-Native Applications
  • Observability, Intelligence, and Analytics
  • DevOps Strategy for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud
  • Kubernetes and Serverless Solutions
  • Release Management and Orchestration
  • Continuous Compliance as a Code
  • Continuous Security and Testing.

DevOps Consultancy Services

Continuous Integration and Deployment

DevOps Solutions and Services include DevOps Assessment, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Testing and DevOps Pipelines using Jenkins and Docker.

Continuous Delivery Solutions

Enabling Devops Solutions for Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline on Microservices, Serverledss Computing on Docker , Kubernertes,Hybrid and Public Cloud.

Devops Monitoring Solutions

Devops Monitoring Solutions for Enabling the Visibility of Microservices applications and Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Docker and Kubernetes.

Devops Strategy and Advisory Services

Talk with our experts for assessment on Infrastructure Automation, Continuous Integration , Continuous Depolyment and Devops Automation Strategy.

Devops Success with Devops Metrics

Explore the Guide to Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and  15 Metrics for Measuring Successful Devops Adoption for Enterprises.

Continuous Integration and Deployment Tools

  • Single Click Deployments
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • Proper Infrastructure Security
  • Automated Rollouts and Rollbacks
  • Automated Security Alerts
  • Supports Microservices and Serverless Computing – Docker and Kubernetes
  • Easy Code Management and Code Reviews
  • Deploy On-Premises, Public or Hybrid Cloud

Build and Deploy DevOps PipelineAWS, Azure DevOps and Kubernetes Offerings

AWS Devops Services

Enabling Devops Solutions on AWS with AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild,  AWS CodeStar and AWS Ops Works.

Azure Devops Services

Enabling Devops Solutions on Azure using Azure Pipeline,Azure Artifacts, Azure Board and Azure Repos.

Kubernetes Consulting Services and Solutions

Building Devops Delivery Pipeline with open source tools such as Absible,  Chef and Puppet.

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