About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify software delivery process and infrastructure automation with modern DevOps and Cloud Capabilities.

Who we are?

In short, we are  Kloud Corporation, business and consulting firm, specialized in Enterprise Cloud and DevOps services.

How & Why we are specialized in Cloud and DevOps?

While working on venturing into a tax based enterprise software projects over 10+ years, we have had an opportunity to work with hundreds of startups in the software world. Including us, we have seen a common struggle these startup companies are going through to enable their applications with DevOps and to fully utilize modern Cloud platform features. Everyone is aware that the right way of utilizing these services could save cost and time, most importantly the project can take a flight in no time.

It is trivial for Small Businesses to bring in quality in software development process at the early stage while focusing on all other critical business goals. Evidently it is hard to decide what exactly one needs to implement towards designing, implementing and delivery of their project in most productive and effective way.

Cloud Computing Services 87%
DevOps Managed Services 75%
IT Consultancy Services 63%
Training & Coaching 50%

Cloud computing is what the business world and Hosting Tribunal call a “no-brainer”. It offers enhanced security and stability, helps cut costs, and gives companies greater flexibility. The latter comes in handy when you need to navigate the ever-changing terrain of doing business – which most companies appreciate. Cloud services are taking the business world by storm and cloud adoption statistics tell the same story.

On the other hand, implementing DevOps Eco System can be a difficult endeavor; even organizations that have fully embraced the methodology (in theory) can struggle with streamlined, continuous deployment and final deadlines.

This motivated us to bring in certified DevOps engineers and Cloud engineers work together to provide managed services with highest quality and security. Our fully integrated labs are designed with every different possible scenario which helps us to provide the simplified and efficient solutions to our clients. With all this experience, our team knows how software delivery best works and how your infrastructure can be well aligned to produce great results for your project.

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